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Vendor Rules

  1. Important dates
  2. Important Information
  3. Friday Schedule
  4. Saturday Schedule
  5. Booth Size

Important Dates

There are a number of important dates for vendors:

Important Information

The following requirements are expected of all vendors:

  1. All goods must be produced by the vendor. No resale items, please.
  2. The Fair opens at 9:00 AM sharp and ends at 4:00 PM. We expect booths to remain up for the entire day. Please do not tear down before 4:00 PM.
  3. The Fair Organization will have coffee and water available for all vendors. If you do not have someone to stand in for you to have time to take a break, we will try to provide a booth-sitter for a maximum of 15 minutes. Please let the Zone Leader know if you need one.
  4. We can provide one 6-foot table or one 8-foot table along with two chairs for your booth, if your booth is inside. We do not provide tables for outside booths. Be sure to indicate your choice on the application form.
  5. If you need electricity, we will do our best to accommodate you. You will need to provide your own extension cord and plan to use only one wall socket. Be sure to indicate your need on the application form.
  6. If you need wall space, please indicate on your application. Booth spaces with wall space are limited and we will portion them out on a first come, first served basis. Again, be sure to indicate your need on the application form.
  7. We expect vendors to be "good neighbors." Booth spaces are marked with tape at the corners on the floor.
  8. A limited number of carts are provided at the entry points for easy movement of your equipment and goods. Please remember to return the carts to the entry-ways after you are done moving your objects.
  9. We do not charge an entry fee to participate in the CUMC Art and Craft Fair, but we do ask for you to "tithe" from your sales of the Fair Day. This money goes to fund Outreach Progrms here at CUMC and to provide seed money for the next year's Fair.

Friday Schedule

The church will be open from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM for vendors to set up booth spaces. Please keep in mind that while the church will be locked overnight, there is no on-site presence of security during that time. This has not been a problem in the past, but you may consider waiting until Saturday morning to add merchandise.

Saturday Schedule

The schedule for the day of the fair is as follows:

Booth Size

We attempt to make each booth 8' x 8'. However, because of the layout of the interior of the church, it may not be possible to make the booth space square. In those cases, every booth space will be at least 64 square feet.

Thank you for your participation in the Castleton UMC Art and Craft Fair.